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School of Creativity

Learn, Grow, Inspire through the various arts:

Visual Art

Literary Art

Art of Technology

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Community Support & Participation

We are happy to provide assistance initiating any of our programs in your community.  What to become involved? Our volunteers create a sense of community.

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Art Sales

Original Works of Arts by CandleLight Master Teachers and the Students.  Support the studio, our programs and incentive teachers and students by purchasing their art works

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Drawing The Future

Our Main Message

In a time of extremely loneliness created by our modern technology, CandleLight aims to become a light to the present a future of humanity.   We aim to paint a picture of what technology, at the service of humanity can be like, if and only if, real people, real human beings are at the head of creating and developing them.  In order to execute this aim, we run towards the arts and philosophy as humanizing tools for our present and future creators.  We will study giants of the past to become the giants of our future.


Leonardo Da Vince inspired our modern day's Flying Machines.

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